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A Lawyer's Website is His or Her Most Valuable Investment

Some lawyers have a website simply for credibility purposes and do not actively rely upon it to drive new leads. Chances are that if you are researching our website, your goal is to have a website so that you can further your law business by actively driving online lead generations. As we will explain, the website is the most important aspect of marketing, and if it is not proper, it will create a bottleneck that limits lead generation, which consequently wastes the money you spend getting people to it via SEO or PPC.

A Website is a Website, Right?

When prospective lawyer clients ask us to market for them, the first step we take is to analyze their existing website. If it is not an inspiring, or otherwise proper website, we explain to them that it would not be ethical or cost-effective to market for them unless 1) their existing website is redeveloped, or 2)  they are willing to have a new website built. Why? We do not want them to spend their money to send potential clients to a website that does NOT convert, i.e., the user does not contact the client after viewing the website.

How a Cheap Website Can Cost You Money

Let's consider Lawyer A who spends only $1000 on a simple non-optimized website, and Lawyer B who spends $10,000 on a cutting-edge highly optimized website. Lawyer A is initially very pleased that he was able to get a website so cheaply, whereas Lawyer B is dismayed that he had to spend so much money for his. Both lawyers agree to allocate a pay-per-click budget of $5000/month for 12 months to drive online leads. For our purposes, let's assume that both Adwords pay-per-click managers for the websites are equally talented, although they likely would not be considering Lawyer A is looking to save upfront money.  Nevertheless, let's assume that both managers produce and average of 250 relevant website visits per month per lawyer.  Because Lawyer A's website is uninspiring and was not optimized for conversions, his website conversion rate is 11%, meaning that 11% of all visitors contact the lawyer once they have viewed the website.  Because Lawyer B's website is sophisticated, inspiring, and is optimized to convert, his website conversion rate is 27%.

Now let's do the math. Lawyer A received an average of 27 leads per month (250 visits x 0.11%) for $5000, whereas lawyer B received 67 leads per month (250 visits x 0.27%) for $5000.  Of those leads, let's assume that 50% of them actually hired, so in the first month Lawyer A landed 14 cases and Lawyer B landed 33 cases.  Assuming that the average case fee is $1500, Lawyer A made $21,000 in the first month whereas Lawyer B made $49,500.  This means that in the very first month, Lawyer B grossed $28, 500 more than Lawyer A, which means that Lawyer B has already paid for his website, still made $18, 500, and can expect to make an average of $49,500/month going forward. So as you can see, a lawyer should view his or her website as the most important investment in terms of marketing.  

Building or Redeveloping Your Legal Website

After determining whether your site needs redeveloped or you need a new site, we will begin by showing you several high-quality websites to determine your preferences. At this point we will provide you with a flat fee for the development. Unlike other companies, we do not lease websites - instead, the website will belong to you upon the completion of your marketing term agreement with us. Throughout the build, we will consult with you to assure that the final product is a combination of what you want, and what we recommend.  

Our Websites are Data-Driven

Five people viewing a website will likely have varying opinions as to whether they like it. Ultimately, however, the main goal of a website is to produce leads for your law practice, not please random viewers. What is a good website? The answer is that it depends upon so many factors that the only proper way to determine this is by using data, such as conversion rate. Each website that we build is done so using years of past data. Nevertheless, because each market area is unique, we experiment with aspects of our clients' websites to determine the optimal design.

Cutting-Edge Coding

Just as with any other technology, website coding becomes outdated over time and is frowned upon by major search engines. As coding technology changes, we change with it by keeping our clients' websites up-to-date.

Responsive Design

Currently, the majority of website visits are made using mobile devices. For this reason, Google and other major search engines expect websites to conform to the eyes of mobile users. A responsive design is one that automatically formats itself based upon the size of the device that it is being viewed on. All of our websites are built using this technology.

Webmaster Tools

Google provides the webmaster of each website an interface where important information about the site can be analyzed: Webmaster Tools. This is Google's way of giving hints to webmasters about issues that they perceive might need to be addressed. When Google gives hints, we address the issues. 


Google Analytics is a platform where webmasters can learn a lot about the performance of their site. For example, how many visitors came this month, the path they took through your website before leaving, etc. We use all of this data to constantly improve our clients' websites.


One of the most common ways of drawing visitors to your website is by blogging about relevant topics or recent issues.  They key, however, to getting Google to rank your blogs high in search results is to put time and research into each blog. We do not believe in high quantity blogging, and instead focus on high quality blogging. 

Conversion Tracking

Many website owners and marketers do not put enough emphasis in conversion tracking, which is the ability to determine how many of your website visitors actually contact you once at your site. All websites draw different opinions from people as to whether they are good or not, but the opinion that matters is that which is based upon raw data. Increasing conversion rate is our foremost goal, and we are able to achieve this by using a sophisticated conversion tracking system that tracks all emails and calls generated from your website.

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