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Trial Support for Criminal Lawyers

 In today's world, technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of the legal industry. Integrating our services with yours greatly enhances your trial abilities and reduces frustrations due to technological issues. Prosecutors almost always have an IT person on their side - so should you.

Powerful Closings Using PowerPoint Presentations

There is no better way to effectively convey your message to a judge or jury than to use a PowerPoint presentation. Prior to trial and throughout trial, we work with a lawyer to build a comprehensive and highly organized closing argument presentation. While a lawyer should never simply read the presentation, he or she can use the information written to trigger all of the exact points that need to be presented. Never again spend time regretting not having conveyed an extremely important message in your close.

On-the-Fly Case Law Research

Whether arguing pre-trial motions or motions that unexpectedly arise during trial, it is critical to have access to the latest cases in order to make effective arguments. Our legal technology experts are highly experienced using Lexis Advanced and have the capabilities to quickly find relevant cases as well as Shepardize them to assure the opinions have not been reversed.

Technology Issues

We always come prepared to assist in anyway possible, such as 1) redacting video recordings, audio recordings, or transcripts; 2) troubleshooting and eliminating codec issues that make it impossible to playback media given to you by the prosecutors; 3) internet research; 4) large file transfers; 5) voir dire observations; 6) jury reactions; and much more.

Why Chose ProLaw Marketing

Our niche is unique in that we specialize in technology support exclusively for lawyers. Our knowledge is a combination of technology and criminal law, and we have consistently exceeded the expectations of our clients. We have serviced lawyers during trials in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas and Texas.

PowerPoint Closings

We will work with you each day to produce and ultimately present a highly effective and organized digital PowerPoint presentation.

Case Law Research

You can be assured that prosecutors have access to the latest case law opinions during trial - do you?

Video Codec Issues

How many times have you received a CD or DVD with an audio or video recording that your computer simply can't play?

Eliminate Frustration

When people have legal issues, they rely upon the services of a lawyer. When lawyers have computer issues, they should rely upon computer professionals, and should not waste their time being frustrated because they cannot resolve the issues. 

Video/Audio Redactions

Whether for presentation purposes or for simplifying your legal analysis of video and audio recordings, we have the tools and skills to clip out recorded media.

Large File Transfers

Ever need a large file sent to you but it is too large to be emailed? We are prepared for this, and will assure that these files arrive in a timely manner.

Take your trial abilities to the next level by having your very own IT person at your fingertips.

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