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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is used to get lawyers' websites listed on the first page of organic search results of search engines such as

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Lawyers

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing websites and offline data in order to convince search engines that your site should appear high in organic search results. Although it can often be a lengthy undertaking, criminal lawyers can enjoy free clicks on their website listings in search results once the process has been successfully completed.

Organic Listings versus Paid Listings

When an internet user performs a search using Google, the top three search results are paid (sponsored) ads that are controlled by pay-per-click managers, and the organic ad listings begin under these. For mobile devices, there are only two paid ads (at most) at the top, followed by the organic ads.

As its name implies, with pay-per-click, an advertiser is charged a fee by Google or other search engine company each time an internet user clicks on his ad. With organic ads, however, advertisers are not charged for clicks. Upon reading the last sentence, you might have instantly formed an opinion that SEO is better than PPC, but each as its advantages.

Search Engine Optimization versus Pay-Per-Click

Before we highlight below the advantages and disadvantages of these two advertising methods, we want to note that advertisers are eligible to show ads in both the paid results and organic results simultaneously. In our experience, we have found that a lawyer's organic ad is more likely to be clicked on if the user previously sees, or clicks on the lawyer's paid ad. The same is true the other way around. Such clicks are called assisted clicks, which illustrate the advantage of using both methods of advertising.

Costs Comparison  Time Comparison Targeting Comparison

Costs Comparison 

In order to obtain a high ranking in organic search results for certain relevant queries, lawyers usually must hire marketing companies to perform SEO work.  We say "usually" because some websites are favored by search engines and therefore do not require rigorous SEO work. These are typically websites that have very unique and informative content. Most websites, however, need to be optimized by professionals who will charge either a one-time fee, or more often a monthly fee. Website optimization is not the only component of SEO, however. Tasks such as blogging, social media posting, creating online profiles, and routinely adding new content also are performed, and are becoming increasingly important as Google changes its search algorithms. If, and once the SEO work achieves your ranking goals, you can enjoy free clicks for as long as your rankings endure.

Time Comparison

Unlike pay-per-click campaigns that can be established and used to show your ads in top spots within a day or two, SEO campaigns often take several months or even over one year to achieve desired goals. However, once these goals have been achieved, the ROI is enormous, as organic clicks are cost-free. Its important to note, however, that search rankings are constantly adjusting, and SEO efforts must continue even after goal achievement in order to retain placement.

Targeting Comparison

Search results via pay-per-click are laser-focused due to the vast number of tools managers have to limit the when their clients' ads show. For this reason, paid ads inherently have higher conversion rates than organic ads. Organic ads are shown at the discretion of search engine algorithms - they pick and chose when to show your ads. Although clicks in organic search results are free, it is simply impossible to assure that your ads show for all queries that you deem relevant. 

Why Chose ProLaw Marketing

We focus on internet marketing exclusively for lawyers and law firms, and have developed specialized knowledge that allows us to produce the best possible results for any given budget. You will benefit from our extensive testing that has eliminated the guess work that a non-specialized advertiser would be faced with. We offer our clients first-class service, and are available around the clock for consultation.

Search Engine Optimization

When someone searches the internet for criminal defense representation in our clients' targeted areas, we assure that our clients' ads show prominently in search results, and entice users to click.

Long-tail Keyword Focus

Paid advertising is highly effective for showing ads for vanity key phrases, such as "criminal lawyer", but its often not feasible or affordable to show ads for all possible searches. Many users search by using "long-tail" key phrases, such as "beating dui charges". By creating a vast amount of quality content for your website, we increase the chance that your website listing will show for such queries in organic search results.

Local Search Optimization

For certain searches, search engines display a local business section within search results that show the business name, address, phone number, and a link to the website. These listings are controlled by unique algorithms, and we strive to convince these algorithms that your business should be prominently displayed in these sections.

Strategic Content Development

No signal is more important to search engines than the presence of quality content. We do not waste our time and your money creating large amounts of general content that already exists throughout the internet. Instead, we write research-based and unique content that stands out from other content on the web.

Search Rank Tracking

Every permutation of a search query can yield a different position in organic search results for an advertiser. In order to track ranking fluctuations, we utilize a rank tracking program that records your organic rank at the keyword level over time. 


We create pay-per-click campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo that maximize profit for your monthly spend.

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