Unannounced Changes to Google Ads Targeting Functionality (2021)?

We have encountered some data that suggests Google might have made a change to how it handles search queries that target entire states via search intent. Long gone are the days where search intent overrode physical location, but this is different. The Problem Prior to roughly 6 months ago, the following scenario would result in […]

Local Service Ads Destroying Profitability of PPC for Criminal Law Businesses

When we learned of the then-new Local Service Ads (LSA), we acted quickly to get our clients’ accounts established and running. At that point it was not clear to us why Google had created this new “pond,” but we knew our clients needed to be fishing in it because LSA ads would be positioned above […]

Local Service Ads Preclude Local Search Ads

If any of your clients are lawyers, you might have noticed a drastic decrease in click activity around November 20, 2020. Of course the date of the slow down would depend upon when lawyers in your targeted area began to show Local Service Ads (LSA). What is Happening? Local Search Ads are not showing in […]

Goodbye Modified Broad Match Type

Google is Phasing Out Modified Broad Match Type Yet another questionable change to Google Ads is coming our way. Could this be a push to influence PPC marketers to use broad match keywords combined with smart bidding? What Is Happening? Google is phasing out the beloved and most useful keyword matching option: modified broad match […]